Click-to-book Ticket Links

Learn how to direct attendees to register in a specific ticket type using click-to-book ticket links in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.

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Event managers can provide prospective attendees a direct URL to book a specific ticket. The click-to-book link displays only one ticket to the attendee rather than a list of ticket options on the Ticket Selection page.

This article will cover the following:

Copying a click-to-book ticket link

Once tickets have been set up for the event, a click-to-book link can be located within the ticket details:

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Tickets

  2. Select the required ticket (learn how to create tickets here)

  3. Click the “Copy” button next to the click-to-book link to copy the link to the clipboard

Note: A ticket must be saved, and the event must be set to “Live” before a click-to-book link can be available for a ticket.

Invite-only click-to-book ticket links

Invite-only tickets also have a click-to-book link that can be copied and sent to prospective attendees.

These invite-only tickets will not be available to select on the Ticket Selection page but can only be selected through click-to-book links or invitations.

Note: Invite-only click-to-book ticket links can be shared, as they are not personal invite links. For more information on invitations and their links, see our article “Creating and sending invitation emails”.

Minimum & maximum ticket levels

Levels can also be set for a minimum and maximum number of tickets with click-to-book links.

  • When a minimum number is set, the click-to-book link ticket selection will automatically pre-select the minimum number of tickets

  • When the minimum and maximum are the same, or the maximum number of tickets is set to 1, the click-to-book link will auto-select the maximum number of tickets and go straight into the registration process

  • When multiple attendees are not allowed in a registration, a click-to-book link for a person ticket will go straight into the registration process for one (1) ticket.

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