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Requirements for App Delivery

App graphic sizes and app descriptions required for app delivery.

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Before an app can be submitted to the respective app stores, there are a few graphics and descriptions that are required from the app team.


App graphics are required for the app to be submitted to the respective app stores for delivery.

App Descriptions

The following app descriptions are required for the app and app stores:

App name on mobile home screen

  • This is the name that will be displayed on your mobile home screen below the app's icon

  • Sometimes an acronym of the event name is used, since its required to be very short

  • Maximum 14 characters

Short description

  • Usually a short description of the app, visible on the app store “About this app” preview

  • This description can be clicked to expand into the full description which is another requirement

  • Maximum 80 characters

Full description

  • This sometimes includes the short description, and adds additional information for what the app can be used to do

  • This description is visible once a user clicks on the short description on the app store preview

  • Follows on with bullet points of things to do, like connecting with attendees, viewing additional content from exhibitors etc

Keywords / Search terms

  • These are the key words or phrases that users may search in the app store, to find your app

  • These are terms that relate to your event and app

  • Maximum 100 characters

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