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Managing Your Company Profile on the Event Website and Onsite Event App
Managing Your Company Profile on the Event Website and Onsite Event App
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Welcome to your official app experience! You will receive an email invitation to access the app, or you can use the same password of your existing account if you have previously accessed the event. If you need the email to be resent or you have forgotten your password, please use the Need Help Logging In? link on the login page.

As a company contact, you have access to both your personal profile and your company’s profile. Edits to your company profile must be done on the website, although you can access your company profile from the app for scanning leads, seeing your company meeting schedule, or taking notes.

Access your Company Profile

On the website:

Click the “Hi, Name” link in the top right hand corner and select your company name. To switch back again, select your name.

On the app:

Tap “More” in the bottom right hand corner

Tap “Switch Accounts under your company’s logo and select your personal account.

Things to Consider

  • Think of your company profile as a digital business card

  • Upload your company logo - take advantage of the opportunity to increase brand recognition!

  • Tell others about your company by adding a company description and/or links to your website and social media.


You can also add digital materials to your company profile such as PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents, YouTube videos, and more. Doing this puts the information at the fingertips of event participants.

You can add these files to your company profile on the website by clicking “Collateral” in the page menu. To remove collateral, simply click the x in the top corner of the collateral’s icon.

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