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To scan, view, write notes, and interact with your leads, please make sure that you are viewing your app or the website as your company profile.

Collecting Leads

You can gain leads in a number of ways before and during the event.

Scan an Attendee’s QR code

Tap the “scanner” button in your bottom menu and allow the app access to your camera if requested. Scan the QR code on the attendee’s badge, or ask them to go to More > My QR Code to scan it from their device. The app will play a sound to let you know the scan was successful if you have your volume on.

An Attendee adds your company to their contact list

Your company can be added via the app or website.

An Attendee scans your company’s QR code

Located on your company profile page.

Manually add a lead

Enter their information by hand by tapping the “+” in the top right corner of the Leads screen on the app.

To view your leads

Tap the “Leads” button in the bottom menu to see a list of all your leads. You can tap anyone on this list to immediately view all the information that they’ve entered in the system, but at minimum you’ll get their name and email address. You can email, request a meeting, or write an in app note to them directly from this screen, or you can write notes about your interaction by tapping the “add note” link in the top right corner.

To export your leads

From mobile:

Tap the “share” button in the top right corner of the leads screen. On iOS, this looks like a square with an arrow coming out of it and on Android it looks like three connected dots. You’ll receive a csv export of all your leads to the email address associated with the account you are logged into.

From the website:

View your leads using the “Leads” link in the menu. click the “Export leads” button to the upper right of the list to receive a csv export of all your leads to the email address associated with the account you are logged into.

More about Leads

  • Scan leads offline and store locally on your device until you connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Everyone who has been associated as a company contact can collect leads.

  • Each company contact can see all the leads scanned by everyone in the company.

  • Company contacts can add separate notes to the same lead, which will be visible to everyone in their company.

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