How to set up a payment gateway

Learn how to configure your payment gateway(s) to accept credit card payments on Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.

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Eventsforce uses Shuttle as an integrated payment gateway aggregator that connects to 130+ supported payment gateways around the world for use in Eventsforce.

Note: Any direct payment gateway integrations that you may be using need to be switched to connect through Shuttle instead. Please contact Eventsforce support or your account manager for more information.

How to connect a payment gateway:

  1. Go to System Settings > Account Payment Settings

  2. Select “I Agree” to the terms and conditions

  3. Click “Add Payment Processor”

  4. Choose a relevant country

  5. Select a payment processor

  6. Complete payment credentials as necessary

Note: When using Opayo, 'deferred transactions' must be enabled within the Opayo account.

How to choose a payment gateway in an event:

  1. Go to Setup > Financial > Settings

  2. Ensure Payment Setting is “Pay by Card”

  3. Choose the required payment gateway from the dropdown list

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