How to set up Shuttle
Learn how to configure your Shuttle payment gateway for credit card payments on Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.
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Shuttle is an integrated payment gateway that connects to other supported payment gateways in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.

Note: The ‘Shuttle Integration' must be enabled in your account to integrate with supported payment gateways. Please contact Eventsforce support or your account manager for more information.

How to connect a payment gateway:

  1. Go to System Settings > Account Payment Settings

  2. Select “I Agree” to the terms and conditions to activate Shuttle

  3. Click “Add Payment Processor”

  4. Choose a relevant country

  5. Select a payment processor

  6. Complete payment credentials as necessary

Note: When using Opayo, 'deferred transactions' must be enabled within the Opayo account.

How to choose a payment gateway in an event:

  1. Go to Setup > Financial > Settings

  2. Ensure Payment Setting is “Pay by Card”

  3. Choose the required payment gateway from the dropdown list

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