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Sync your sessions and meetings to your personal calendar

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From the EF Event App or App Website, you can sync your conference schedule to your personal calendar to see all your plans in one place, personal and professional.


Log on to the website. In the side bar, click on My Schedule.


On the following page, your added schedule items will display for your review. On the right hand side, click the calendar drop down list. You will be able to select from Google, iCal, and Outlook. Select the calendar type you use. You may need to open the downloaded file to complete the process of adding the event feed to your calendar.


Application iOS/Android:

To sync your schedule to the calendar on your phone, in to the app. Tap on "My Event." (Note: for your particular event, the "My Event" menu may appear in a different order.)


In the top right hand corner, a Share Button will display. Tap this button and select Subscribe to Calendar to sync your calendar to the app. For Android users, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner on the My Event page and select Sync to Calendar.



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