Mobile App Sync Times and Forcing a Sync

When can I expect changes made in the admin sync to user devices?

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The EF mobile app for iOS and Android is designed to work offline. To enable this, the app periodically syncs data and stores it locally on the phone. Syncing data requires balancing the need for the most up to date information as possible against a phone’s battery life. As a result, sync times differ depending on the type of data being synced.

The default sync times are as follows:

  • Attendees (1 hours)

  • Account Tags a.k.a. Interest Tags (1 hour)

  • Campaigns (1 hour)

  • Chatter (3 minutes)

  • Collateral (2 hours)

  • Conferences (1 hour)

  • Discover (6 hours)

  • Events (1 hour)

  • Exhibitors (1 hour)

  • Exhibitor Booths (12 hours)

  • Maps (1 hour)

  • Menu Items (12 hours)

  • Messages (15 minutes)

  • My Attendees (30 minutes)

  • My Events (30 minutes)

  • My Exhibitors (30 minutes)

  • Meetings (15 minutes)

  • Posters (1 hour)

  • Sponsorship levels (12 hours)

  • Surveys (1 hour)

  • Translations (12 hours)

  • Delete (15 minutes)

It is also possible to force sync data:


  • Pull down on the home screen and release. There will be a spinning wheel to let you know data is updating. A sync may take some time to complete depending on the amount of data that has changed.


  • Select the More tab

  • Open Settings

  • Sync History

  • Select the data set, as listed above, that you want to sync

  • Tap the refresh icon in the upper right corner

  • Wait until it says "Date/Time (Success)...."


  • Open the homepage of the app

  • Drag your finger down, you will see a thin rainbow colored loading bar at the very top

  • Hit your phone's back button to exit the app

  • Reopen the app

  • You will see things sync now over the next 20-30 seconds.

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