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Eventsforce has partnered with SendGrid, a leading cloud-based email service, to improve email deliverability and accelerate send speeds.

With Sendgrid, event managers are able to gauge campaign success by tracking delivery rates, open rates, and even unsuccessful deliveries, all via your Eventsforce account.

This article will cover:

How do I configure SendGrid?

The steps to configure your Eventsforce account with SendGrid are as follows:

  1. Provide Eventsforce with the details of any domains you wish to use as an email domain

  2. Eventsforce will work with the technical contacts who manage the requested domains to configure the service for those domains

  3. Eventsforce will add the requested domains as approved domains in your EF account to use for email sending

What impact will this have on my Eventsforce account?

With this improved service, event managers can see the delivery statuses within their Eventsforce account (rather than seeing the “Sent” status). Statuses are shown on the Campaigns and Email History pages.

Campaigns page:

  • Sent - Email has been sent

  • Delivered - SendGrid reports to EF that email has been delivered

  • Pending - Email is being processed or has been deferred

  • Unsuccessful - Dropped, bounced or blocked emails

History page:

  • Sent - Email has been sent

  • Delivered - The receiving server accepted the message

  • Deferred - The receiving server delayed acceptance of the message

  • Dropped - SendGrid will drop an email when the contact on that email is in one of your suppression groups, the recipient email previously bounced, or that recipient has marked your email as spam

  • Blocked - The receiving server denied the message, but SendGrid won’t suppress the email address

  • Marked as spam - email was sent to the spam folder rather than the inbox

  • Pending - Email is being processed or has been deferred

  • Bounced - The receiving server denied the message and SendGrid will suppress the recipient’s email address going forward


  1. I use multiple email domains in my Eventsforce account, is there a limit to the number of email domains I can use? There is no limit to the number of email domains you can use in your Eventsforce account, but we will need to go through the process for each email domain you use.

  2. I don’t know who manages my domain, can Eventsforce make the changes for me?
    We’ve kept the process as simple as possible and we’ll be doing as much of it as we can for you. However, there is part of the process that we cannot do as we do not have access to your domain management system. We suggest you get in touch with your IT or Web team to let them know this is happening so they can assist you appropriately.

  3. What if I send an email from an email domain that hasnt been approved? Once your account has been migrated to use SendGrid, any emails sent from an unapproved email domain will be sent from “” instead. Within the Eventsforce platform, you will not be able to set a From Email Address to one containing an unapproved email domain.

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