Eventsforce and AI Integration

Use AI to create your event's website description.

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When creating an event in Eventsforce, by default, the Homepage automatically populates with Lorem Ipsum text. Users must manually replace this auto-generated content to configure their event website.

To streamline the website-building process, Eventsforce is integrated with Chat GPT. This integration allows you to automatically generate organization-specific homepage content for your event website.

Using the AI Integration

To create a new event with an AI-formulated description, from the Left Navigation click Create, then Event.

To utilize the AI text generator, first name your event. Then, enter keywords into the ‘Event keywords to generate draft homepage contents’ field. Include any words you want to ensure are included in the homepage’s content. Examples may include things like “annual” or “destination organization”.

You may also write longer phrases in this field. Examples may include “travel and tourism convention” or “leader in SaaS travel and tourism solutions”.

The more keywords and phrases you provide, the more detailed and customized the content on your webpage will be. Separate each keyword or phrase by commas.

Note: Using the AI text generator is not required. Leave the keywords section blank if you do not wish to use the generator. Without keywords, the system will generate Lorem Ipsum text as a placeholder for your website’s homepage content.

Once you have entered an event name and keywords, click ‘Save’.

Note: The AI generator may take a few moments to finalize your event’s homepage content. This delay is normal.

To view the generated content, navigate to the homepage by clicking Website, then Content.

The homepage will be populated with content based on the keywords and phrases you entered. The event’s website content will be generated with Lorem Ipsum if Eventsforce was not able to connect to Chat GPT. If this occurs, you will need to revisit the Event Details page.

It is best practice to review and edit the auto-generated content to ensure that it accurately reflects your event.

By default, the content will include a variation of the sentence ‘Click here to register now!’. This text includes a link that will redirect visitors to the event's registration page.

Editing Homepage Content

If you want the system to rewrite the homepage content, or if you forgot to add important details to the keywords, return to the Event Properties page by navigating to Setup > Event > Properties.

Once your content is updated, use the ‘Save’ button to retain your changes.

A pop-up then appears confirming any applied changes.

Note: The system will also ask if you want to generate new content if you change the event venue or name.

Click ‘Yes’ to apply updates.

The system will not delete your previous content page. The updated content will be displayed below the earlier content, allowing you to compare and edit both versions as needed.

You may regenerate the website content multiple times. Each new version displays below the previously created content.

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