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Email status codes

Learn about status codes seen in the email campaign and email history grids.

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Eventsforce users will see a variety of status codes associated with the emails sent from the platform. These codes provide insights into your email campaigns' deliverability and open rates, allowing you to confirm successful delivery or troubleshoot if necessary.

To check the status of campaign emails in your event, navigate to Email > Campaigns.

To check the historical status of emails for this or other events, navigate to Email > History.

Users will see a ‘Status' column with different status codes on the grids.

Note: On the email campaigns tab, you must first click on the number below the Delivered, Opened or Unsuccessful column to view the status code.

This article will explain the different status codes you may see.

Delivery events

Delivery events have three categories: Delivered, Pending and Unsuccessful. Within each category, there may be sub-categories that denote a particular reason for the email’s status.


This category of emails has been successful and requires no further action or investigation.


Emails with this status have been dispatched.

Note: If the recipient has opened the message, a check will appear in the ‘Opened’ column.


The pending statuses indicate that the email is progressing through various delivery stages. An email may undergo multiple stages before being delivered or failing.


The message has been prepared and is ready to be delivered. This is a temporary status.


Your server has sent the email, and the system is awaiting a response from the receiving server. This is a temporary status.


The receiving server temporarily rejected the message. The email will be resent after a short period.


The receiving server could not temporarily accept the message. If a recipient has unsubscribed from your emails, the message is' Dropped'. 'Blocked' emails are pending, and delivery will be attempted again.


Unsuccessful statuses are permanent and will need to be addressed.


The email was unable to be delivered. Potential drop reasons are an invalid SMTPAPI header, flagged as Spam, an Unsubscribed Address, a Spam Reporting Address, and an invalid Recipient List over the Package Quota.


The receiving server could not permanently accept mail to this recipient. The message is 'Dropped ' if a recipient has previously unsubscribed from your emails.

If you have any questions about why you are seeing an email status or need help resolving one, please contact the Eventsforce Support Team.

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