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Registrations page (Reference)
Registrations page (Reference)

A reference guide explaining everything you need to know about the Registrations page.

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The registrations page is an important part of the event manager's workflow. It is from this page that the event manager can see how people will be attending their event or how many people have or have not paid. 

To access the list of registrations in your event, go to People > Registrations

By default, the page will show Attendees. To see other types of people, click the 'Show' filter.

Other types of people include:

  • Attendee = person registered to attend an event.

  • Registration contact =  person who has made a registration. In a group registration or table booking event, they might not be attending themselves.

  • Guest = person associated with an attendee, but not a full participant in the event for example a spouse or partner.

  • Table guest = person occupying a seat in a table booking event.

Tools menu

The 'Tools' menu allows you to take various actions with an attendee such as editing the registration, editing the person, updating payment, or exporting data to a spreadsheet.

Display columns

You can configure which columns are displayed on screen using the 'Display' drop down. Columns are limited to standard system fields. Custom registration questions can be shown in a search or report

Paginated view

Once total registrations (including cancelations) exceed 2,000 rows, the registrations page will be converted to a paginated view. This change improves the speed of key functions including searching and filtering.

The paginated view of the registrations page will initially load the first 200 results. More results can be viewed on subsequent pages. The simplified search and filtering controls are in a new panel above.

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