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Registration mode (identify attendees using...)
Registration mode (identify attendees using...)

Learn about the various ways to identify attendees in your event.

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When configuring an event, a critical setting which determines event functionality is how you will be identifying attendees. There are currently three ways an attendee can be identified:

Depending on which option is chosen, Eventsforce will only allow one registration per item.

The setting can be found by navigating to Setup > Event > Registration.

Once a registration is completed in the event, the "identifier" setting becomes "locked". You can only change the identifier for an event which is "Not live" and does not have any completed registrations.

Email as the identifier

Using "Email" as the identifier is recommended and the most commonly used setting. Using "Email" helps to maintain a clean database. There are no duplicates in the system based on "email". A unique email can only be used for one registration. Upon starting registration, the system does a "lookup" for the email being used to determine if a registration already exists. 

If an email address has not been used in Eventsforce:

  • Attendee is not prompted for any password and registers from scratch

If an email address already exists in Eventsforce (from an old event, list of people, or invitation list)

  • Attendee will be asked to "log in" to their existing profile with their password.  This can be avoided by using "personal links" in your invitation

  • Any data saved against the person will be pre-populated into the registration

Tip: Using personal links is the Eventsforce recommended method for managing access if an email address already exists in Eventsforce.

If an email address has already been used for a registration:

  • The attendee will get a message explaining they have a completed registration and cannot create a new registration unless a different email address is used

  • Attendees will be taken to the "amendment" process upon logging back in (if amendments are enabled)

Username as the identifier

Username can be used as an identifier in place of email, ensuring that every registration uses a unique "username". This may be best used if your attendees already have usernames created in another "membership" type system. Those same "usernames" can be uploaded against attendees and used for registrations.

When "username" is the identifier, multiple registrations can use the same email address, but each must have a unique "username". Email address is not required for events using this method.

Tip: If you want to email people who register, you must add the "email2" question to your attendee details page. If not added, attendees cannot be emailed.

Registration reference as the identifier

Registration reference as the identifier allows every attendee who registers to be treated as a new person in Eventsforce. The identifier is the unique "registration reference" that Eventsforce assigns to every new registration. This is best used when you want to allow multiple registrations using the same email address, thus removing the "lookup" by email. 

Unless personal links are provided to invitees to register, personal data will not pre-populate in registration reference mode.

Tip: If you want to email people who register, you must add the "email2" question to your attendee details page. If not added, attendees cannot be emailed.

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