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How to add capacities

Learn how to add a capacity to various items in your event (days, categories, sessions, bookable items).

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Adding capacities in Eventsforce is a great way to prevent overbooking of items such as; days in your event, sessions, bookable items, and quantity bookable items. The capacities for all items can be managed on a single page by going to Setup > Event > Capacity.

This article will cover the following:

Tip: You can apply a capacity to multiple sessions at once from the 'Sessions' page. See "Changing session capacity in bulk".

Adding capacities

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Capacity

  2. Change the 'Registrations' dropdown from "Unlimited" to "Limited"

  3. Enter the capacity on the right hand side

  4. (OPTIONAL) Choose to enable a "notification" to send when a specified percentage of your capacity is reached

  5. Click "Save"

What are in-progress registrations?

A registration which has started but not completed is considered "in-progress". In-progress registrations will reserve a space in your event, allowing the person time to complete. A registration will remain in-progress until one of the following has occurred:

  • the person completed the registration (using the same browser)

  • the person is timed out after 2 hours

In-progress registrations are shown to the right of "Used" registrations on the 'Capacity' page.

More information about in-progress registrations and abandoned registrations can be found in our "What are abandoned registrations?" article.

Setting up capacity notifications

All items in a registration process that have a limited capacity can be set up to deliver email notifications to the event organizers. Event organizers may decide to increase capacities as registration progresses. To set up a notification for a capacity, take the following steps:

  1. When editing the settings for the item, set a capacity

  2. Choose the percentage that notifications are sent. This is a percentage of the total capacity

  3. Click "Save"

  4. Go to Communications > Automatic

  5. In the section 'Admin', activate the various notification emails. There are different emails for the types of item: Session Full Notification, Additional Item Full Notification, Day Full Notification, QBI capacity notification

  6. Click "Edit" to add further detail to the email. By default, the emails contain useful merge tags for capacity and the current registration level

  7. Click "Save"

  8. Amend the "Email To:" field to add one or more recipient email addresses separated by a semicolon

  9. Click "Save"

Note: Active notification emails will continue to be sent for all registrations above the notification level. To stop the notification emails from being sent, either increase the capacity or deactivate the email.

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