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How to import a list of people
How to import a list of people

Learn how to import lists of people into Eventsforce.

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Importing a list of people is a quick and easy way to add large amounts of data to Eventsforce. Importing lists can be used to create an invitation list, update existing attendee data, or be used for ad-hoc email blasts.

First, you will need a CSV (comma separated values) or TXT (UTF-16 Unicode Text) file that contains the below three columns at minimum:

  • email/email2/personID/username (depending on the identifier for your event)

  • firstname

  • lastname

Be sure to match the case exactly (all lower case, no spaces). You can also include any other columns with data you would like to import into Eventsforce; such as "company", "job title", or "phone number".

For more information about format requirements for different question types, read our "Import list of people (Reference)" article.

Note: Eventsforce recommends saving your file as a TXT file (UTF-16 Unicode Text), particularly if your data contains special characters.

Creating the list

Once your file is saved to your computer as a CSV file, take the below steps:

  1. Go to People > Lists

  2. Click "Add" to create a new list 

  3. Give the list a name and choose whether it spans events (span events allows the list to be used in other events)

  4. Use option #5 to import from a CSV or TXT file

  5. Read the instructions and click "Proceed"

  6. Browse for your file and click "Upload file"

  7. Verify that all columns are checked and no invalid data (red highlight) is shown

  8. Click "Proceed" to import your data

Tip:  If you're running into errors, view our troubleshooting guide below for solutions to common import problems.

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