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How to test emails

Learn how to send yourself test emails in your event.

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Testing emails is a critical part of your event building process as attendees rely on good communication. 

There are various ways to test emails, depending on whether you want to simply view content or test automatic email sending during registration process. 

Sending a test email (testing content)

  1. Click "Edit" next to the email that you want to test

  2. Click the "Test" button in the top left corner

  3. Enter the email address you want to send a test to (will default to email address of logged in user)

  4. A test email will be sent with "Test:" appearing as a prefix to your email subject. The content for the test email automatically uses the data for the last registration. 

Testing automatic emails (live process)

To test how emails will send to live attendees, you can register and take the same action an attendee might take to test the automatic emails.

  1. Copy the "Direct URL to registration" for your event then sign out of Eventsforce (to prevent the system from recognizing you as an admin)

  2. Visit your 'Direct URL to registration' link and register

  3. The "new registration" automatic email will send after completing registration


  • You must have at least one registration in the event in order to send a test (to allow email tags to generate content)

  • When logged into Eventsforce, the system will recognize you as a backend user and prevent automatic emails from sending

  • Create a new registration containing values for tags you may want to test 

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