Being able to report on the information that you have captured in your events is a vital part of the event workflow. We advise thinking of the reports needed prior to configuring your registration pages. This will ensure that you capture the data in a format that is going to make reporting easier.

Creating a report

Eventsforce reports span across all events in your account. Your report will be accessible regardless of the event you have open. View our video on how to create a report (instructions below):

  1. Go to Reports > Reports
  2. Click the "+" (Add) button
  3. Select a data source then click "Next"
  4. Add any filters (optional), then click "Next" OR "Skip" filtering
  5. Select the column(s) used to group and sort your data
  6. Group by a database item (optional), then click "Next"
  7. Add columns to be displayed in the reportĀ 
  8. Enable "Split & Count" for a database item (optional), then click "Next"
  9. Select who the report will be accessible by, then click "Next"
  10. Assign a name to the report
  11. Schedule the report (optional), then click "Save"

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