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How to edit a registration
How to edit a registration

Learn how to amend a registration as an event manager.

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Whether or not you are allowing attendees to amend their own registration, you may still need to edit a registration as an event manager. Anyone with access to People > Registrations will have the ability to edit a registration.

When a registration is amended by an event manager, the system does not automatically send the "registration amendment" email, this must be triggered by the event manager (see step #6 below).

Editing a registration

  1. Go to People > Registrations

  2. Locate the registration by using the 'Person Type' and 'Status' filters at the top of the page OR search for the registration using the “Search” bar

  3. To edit, double click the registration OR click the "Edit" icon to the right of the registration.  Alternatively, you can click the "Tools" dropdown and select "Edit Registration..."

  4. On the basket page, click "Edit" to edit data on the registration pages

  5. Click "Proceed" until you've gone through all pages

  6. If you want to send an 'Amendment email', select the "Attendee" check box upon returning to the basket page

  7. After changes have been made, click “Complete Registration” to save your changes

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