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How to schedule a report

Learn how to schedule your report to be emailed automatically.

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In Eventsforce, you have the ability to schedule reports to be sent to any email address you require, and at various frequencies. This is useful for sending reports on a regular basis to stakeholders who may or may not have access to log into Eventsforce, such as weekly registration updates.

Schedule a report

  1. Go to Reports > Reports

  2. Click "Edit" next to the report you wish to schedule

  3. In the 'Report Summary' section at the bottom of the page, click "Event profile" on the left-hand side. This will take you directly to the final page of the report builder for this report

  4. Select the "Schedule the Report" check box

  5. Enter in the "Frequency", "End Date", and "Recipients" as needed (separate multiple emails with a semicolon)

  6. Click "Save"


  • Once a report has been scheduled, a check icon will appear in the "Scheduled" column in the list of reports. This identifies from the list which reports are scheduled

  • All scheduled reports are sent at 0400 (UTC)

  • It is possible to set up scheduling during the report building process, or by editing an existing report

  • Reports with a runtime value, such as an event or date selection, cannot be scheduled because these reports require a runtime value before the report can be run

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