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How to configure your external website to host Eventsforce in an iframe
How to configure your external website to host Eventsforce in an iframe

Learn how an iframe can be used to embed your Eventsforce event on your own website.

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Eventsforce allows you to embed the Eventsforce event onto your own website using an iframe. This is used in place of the Eventsforce microsite. When an attendee registers on the external website, the Eventsforce registration process will open within the current frame/page, giving the appearance of one website.

Note: Additional configuration is required in order for personal links to be used when hosting the event in an iframe. Please read our support article "How to use personal links with an iframe" for more information.

Configuring the iframe

To achieve this, the event manager will have to make the following changes in the event:

  1. Go to Website > Design > Template and select the "Responsive Standard Design" template

  2. Select layout option #5 "Embedded (iframe)"

  3. Select "Use this Template"

  4. Your web developer or client has to insert the iframe code (provided below) into the html for the external web page

  5. Provide the "Direct URL to Registration" to your web developer or client (Website > Settings > Addresses)

IFrame code

<iframe src="[insert your event's direct URL to registration here]" width="100%" height="720" hspace="0" vspace="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"> You need a browser capable of supporting iframes

The event address/URL can be found by going to Website > Settings > Addresses. Copy the "Direct URL to Registration".

Notes and Tips

  • We recommend a minimum width of 612px or you may experience either a missing border or a slider bar to view the registration form. Height is determined by the longest page viewed during the booking process

  • The width depends on the width you want the registration pages to occupy on your website, but our responsive iframe template will resize to fit the device the website is being viewed on

  • Changing the default font type on Eventsforce through Website > Design > Appearance is highly recommended to create a seamless integration

  • To test the iframe, your event will need to be set to “Live” status

  • Links in emails directing traffic to your site should be to the main site, not the Eventsforce links (remember there will be no website)

  • For testing purposes, use another Eventsforce standard template before switching to iframe layout or add "Register" and "Amendment" links on your home page

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