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Session selection vs. sessions in registration pages
Session selection vs. sessions in registration pages

Learn the different ways sessions can be displayed in your event.

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If your event is using sessions, workshops, or breakouts as part of an agenda, you can display those sessions to attendees in one of two places:

  • Session selection page

  • Registration page

Session selection page

The session selection page is the default page where sessions will appear. Using this option in combination with the "day selection page", allows you to show only the sessions taking place on the days the registrant is attending. 

Session labels can also be used here, as well as showing presenters and abstracts. An example of the session selection page is below:

Sessions in registration pages

Displaying sessions on your registration pages can simplify your event process by reducing the number of pages attendees see. Using sessions in registration pages allows you to benefit from some of the features of other registration questions such as making session questions dependent on other registration questions in your event.

An example of sessions in registration pages is below:

Which should I select?

  • Using session labels to allow attendees to filter sessions? Session selection page

  • Want a shorter registration process? Sessions in registration pages

  • Need to display abstract content as part of the session? Session selection page

  • Want sessions to appear based on an answer to a question? Sessions in registration pages

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