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How to create and edit an invoice template
How to create and edit an invoice template

Learn how to create/copy an invoice template.

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Eventsforce will create an invoice and credit note from template documents when prices in a registration change. These templates can be event specific or available to all events.  

Note: Invoices cannot be edited when the event is "Live". You can make the event "Not Live" or make the invoice available to all events then edit the invoice in an event which is "Not Live".

View this tutorial to learn how to create your own invoice template for your event. Tasks to be covered:

  • creating a new invoice from template

  • adding images (use JPG file types)

  • adding a new text field (auto scale)

  • adding a new text field with merge data tag

  • moving existing items

  • adding attendees names

  • adding payment method merge tag

  • adding balance outstanding merge tag

  • adding text field with payment instructions

  • testing your template. 

  • applying the template to your event 


  • Invoice items can be repositioned by entering specific x and y coordinates OR by selecting the item, then dragging and dropping to the proper location

  • Upon clicking "Preview", the invoice will save to your computer as a PDF

  • The invoice builder works best with JPG file types for banners and logos

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