As an event manager, you have full control over when attendees are allowed to register for your event. The registration open and close date can be amended at any time. 

If an attendee attempts to register outside the allowed registration dates, they will see a "Registration is not available" message.

Changing the registration open and close dates

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Registration

  2. Select "Allow Registration" in the 'Dates' section

  3. Select a "From:" date/time using the calendar and time dropdown

  4. Select a "To:" date/time using the calendar and time dropdown

  5. Click "Save"

The same steps apply to changing the amendment, cancellation, and session amendment dates.

Allow session amendment

The "Allow session amendment" option does not need to be enabled if "Allow amendments" is enabled, as attendees can amend all parts of their registration. Use "Allow session amendment" only if '"Allow amendments" is disabled and you want to allow changes to sessions only.

Tip: For testing purposes, enter today as the registration "From:" date so you can test registration from the website. Attendees will not be able to register as long as they are not invited or provided a registration link.

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