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How to test your event

Learn the various ways you can test your event.

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There are multiple ways you can test your event website and registration process. You may want to test the end to end process as an attendee would see it, or test as an administrator with ability to edit. 

When creating test registrations, do not use backend user email addresses (the email address used to login to Eventsforce). Using these email addresses for tests will result in the Eventsforce user getting locked out of the system, experience erroneous results, or seeing incorrect data associated with their profile. For testing purposes, Eventsforce recommends using an alternative or fake email.

Below are a few ways to test your event:

  • Test the website and registration process as an attendee

  • Test using the website contents editor 

  • Allowing outside users (not Eventsforce users) to test

  • Create an admin registration

Test the website and registration process as an attendee

This is recommended if you want to test the website and registration process as an attendee would see it. 

  1. Click the "Preview and test event website" icon in the top left of the screen (TV monitor icon)

  2. Test your website pages as needed

  3. Click "Register" and proceed through the registration process (registration must be open)

Note: If you are near capacity for your event, testing as a public attendee or using an incognito/private browser will create "in-progress" registrations that reserve spaces from your capacity. Read more about "in-progress" registrations and abandoned registrations in our "What are abandoned registrations?" article.  

Test using website contents editor

This is recommended when you want to test the registration process while also having the ability to make changes to page headings, questions, text blocks, and more. Registrations created while testing in this fashion will not be saved.

  1. Go to Website > Content > Website Pages

  2. Click the "Register" menu option OR visit "New Registration Email" page from the dropdown

  3. Enter an email address and click "Proceed" to begin the registration process

  4. Use the "Add here" or "Edit" options as needed

Allowing non-Eventsforce users to test

You may need to send the website to your client to test. In order for someone who is not an Eventsforce user to test, the event must be made "Live" and the registration dates must be open. You can then provide the homepage URL or direct URL to registration:

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Addresses

  2. Highlight and copy the 'Event Homepage URL' or the 'Direct URL to Registration'

  3. Provide this link for testing

An alternative option would be to add your client to the invitation list and send a live invite to them only. 

Create an admin registration

Creating an admin registration is a quick way to test your registration process. You can register an attendee as an admin without knowing their password, or test an "invitation only" category. You will see items during an admin registration that attendees will not see, such as admin portal only questions, and additional payment methods. Other items will not be visible, such as the event logo. Creating an admin registration:

  1. Go to the event you want to test

  2. Click the "+" icon in the top left and select "Registration"

  3. Complete the registration as normal

Note: The automatic " new registration" attendee email does not send when completing an admin registration. The event manager must select a box on the basket page to send the email, or sending an ad hoc email after registration.

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