If you want to replace the standard Eventsforce domain name, "www.eventsforce.net" with a custom domain, there are three options: 

  • Single event domain

  • Custom account domain

  • Friendly URL

Single event domain

Eventsforce supports branding of a single event. When someone enters the event website (example: http://www.mygreatevent.com/home) they will be shown the right page for the event and the address bar will show the custom page for their event (example: http://www.mygreatevent.com/venue). When they begin the registration process, the browser will redirect to the secure registration site at "www.eventsforce.net" (for instance: https://www.eventsforce.net/mycompany/1234/register), or your custom account domain if you have purchased one (example: https://events.mycompany.com/mycompany/1234/register).

Read the article about how to set up and manage your single event domain yourself.

Note: A single event domain cannot be used in combination with the setting "Event website is also invitation-only". These combination of settings are only allowed when a custom account domain is used.

Custom account domain

With a custom account domain, you can use your own branded domain name for your event websites. This means "www.eventsforce.net" will never be displayed in your event website. For example, you may choose the custom domain https://www.mycompanyevents.com.

Eventsforce will manage and configure your chosen domain name and the associated SSL certificate. It is no longer possible to use a sub-domain as a custom account domain.

If you wish to set up a custom account domain, please discuss with your Eventsforce account manager.

Friendly URL

A friendly URL is a quick way to customize the ending of your event URL, without requiring any technical knowledge or purchasing of a domain. The domain will remain "eventsforce.net" but the ending of the URL will be custom (example: www.eventsforce.net/myevent):

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Addresses

  2.  Enter a value in the "Friendly URL" field

  3. Click "Save"

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