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How to set up sessions in registration pages
How to set up sessions in registration pages

Learn how to configure your event to display sessions on registration pages.

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Eventsforce allows two setup options for sessions. Attendees can select sessions from the:

  1. Session selection page

  2. Registration pages

Read our support article to help determine which option is best for your event.

If you set up your sessions in registration pages you will be able to:

  1. Have the sessions on your chosen registration page

  2. Integrate with a mobile app where attendees can have a personal agenda built from their session selections

  3. Setup a minimum and maximum number of sessions that an attendee can book

  4. Make sure at least one session is booked within a group of sessions

  5. Make sure that if a session is booked in a group of sessions, it cannot be booked in a different group

You can view our webinar Enhanced Program Management Part 2 for more details.  The password to view the webinar is Efclient26.  Alternatively, you can read the content below:

Enabling sessions in registration pages

  1. Create your sessions by going to Setup > Program > Sessions

  2. Once your sessions are created, go to Setup > Program > Settings

  3. In the 'General' panel, select to show sessions on the "Registration pages"

  4. Click "Save"

  5. Go to Website > Content > Registration Pages

  6. Click to "Edit" the page where you want to setup your sessions

  7. Hover over 'Add Here'

  8. Select "Sessions"

  9. Enter a name for your session question in the 'Question text' field

  10. Choose the question type based on your display preference and how many sessions can be booked ("Multiple checkboxes" allows more than one session to be booked)

  11. Click "Save"

  12. Click "Add" below the Sessions field

  13. Select the sessions you want to add to the group. Draft sessions and sessions with unassigned locations can be selected but will not be displayed on the registration page until they have been published

  14. Click 'Save"

  15. Click "Save" then click "Back"

If an attendee selects sessions that conflict, upon clicking "Proceed" a message will tell them which sessions they need to change.

Session labels, summary and additional, related web pages are not visible on the registration page as they are on the agenda, but the agenda page will still be built in the background and can, therefore, be accessed through the menu or a link if the attendee requires more information about the sessions.


  • It is possible to have the same session in multiple session questions, but we would not recommend this as the results may be unpredictable

  • It is not possible to make other questions dependent on a selected session

  • Sessions in registration pages are not compatible with our "Guest" feature

  • The day name is removed from the full session name for one-day events

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