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Why is my discount not applying?
Why is my discount not applying?

Common reasons why your discount may not apply.

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Eventsforce allows discounts to be applied to various items in your event, as well as have unique start and end dates when the discounts can apply. 

Below are common reasons why your discount may not trigger:

Discount start date is after the attendee's date of registration

The "start date" used for the discount relates to the registration date of the attendee. Make sure your discount "start date" is the same day or prior to the registration date of the attendee.

Solution: If you are creating discounts after people have already registered, back date the start date of your discount to the date of the first registration. You can view the video example below:

Discount applied to incorrect item

The configuration of your prices determines the configuration of your discounts. If you are using an "entire event" price, you can then create discounts which apply to the "entire event fee". If no "entire event" price exists, a discount applying to "entire event fee" will not work. 

Below table shows the corresponding discount to use based on your price:

Solution: You will need to re-create the discount and apply it to the correct item, as once the discount is created, the item it applies to cannot be changed. You may then want to deactivate your old (not functioning) discount. 

Exclusive setting for the discount

If you have multiple discounts created in your event, you may have one or multiple marked as "exclusive". An "exclusive" discount cannot be combined with "non-exclusive" discounts, but can be combined with other "exclusive" discounts. If the discount you are trying to apply is "non-exclusive" and the attendee already used an "exclusive" discount, the "non-exclusive" discount will be ignored.

Solution: First, determine if the "non-exclusive" discount is allowed to be combined with the "exclusive" discount. If so, edit the "non-exclusive" discount and enable the "exclusive" setting.  Alternatively, edit your "exclusive" discount and make it "non-exclusive".

Day Package Price not assigned

When configuring discounts to apply to "Day Package Prices", you must select the day package to apply the discount to from the drop-down within the discount. If no day package is selected, the discount will not apply.

Solution: Edit your discount and select a day package from the "Day Package Prices" drop-down. You may need multiple discounts if you are discounting multiple "Day Package Prices.

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