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How to import sessions

Learn how sessions can be imported to your event in bulk.

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As an event planner, you may run events with many sessions and would like to “automatically” create these in Eventsforce by importing a file that has all the session information and attributes.

The session import feature in Eventsforce allows you to:

  • minimize the time it takes to create sessions

  • maximize the efficiency of producing an agenda

  • minimize the duplication of work if the session information is already available

Importing sessions

Prior to importing sessions, we recommend learning how to configure your import file.

  1. Go to Setup > Program > Sessions

  2. Click the 'Tools' dropdown select "Import from file..."

  3. Click "Choose file..."

  4. Locate and select the file you wish to import

  5. Click "Create"

To ensure that you have the required column headings you can select Download import template... in the tools menu.

The only supported file formats are CSV and TXT.

The sessions will be available to import into your event if the properties of the file are correct.  If the properties are incorrect, the Create button will not be visible. You will need to review your data and try again.

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