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Configuring your session import file
Configuring your session import file

Learn how to prepare your sessions document for a successful import.

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If your event has a lot of sessions, instead of creating them in Eventsforce one-by-one, it may be faster for you to import a file that contains all the key information and attributes of these sessions. It could save you a lot of time!

There are two ways you can do this; downloading and using our template, or using your own file.

Using the Eventsforce Sessions Template

First, download the "Sessions Template". Although, you could create your file from scratch, we recommend that you use our template because it is formatted properly. Go to Setup > Program > Sessions and then select "Download import template..." from the 'Tools' menu. This will download a CSV file named "Sessions Template", with column headings for the session information that can be imported.

Second, open the "Sessions Template" and start entering your session information. The only field that is required to be completed is the 'Name'. Make sure you do not leave any empty rows between sessions.
See the table below for the fields in this file:

Using your own file

If you decide to use your own file, please make sure that you have column headings and they are named exactly as per our table above. 

Also, any additional columns that you may have will not be imported.

Whether you are using our "Sessions Template" or your own file, if there are any issues with your file, a warning icon with a warning message will be shown in the table during the import process. 

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