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Attendee passwords (Reference)
Attendee passwords (Reference)

A reference guide to understanding how Eventsforce manages data and passwords.

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We have made a number of changes to the way we handle attendee passwords to improve security. The old ways that passwords were used will eventually be removed.

This article explains how to change your events to make the best use of attendee passwords and personal links.

Do my attendees need to use passwords?

There are two ways of authenticating attendees who are already registered on Eventsforce:

  1. A combination of email (or username) and password

  2. Personal links - these are links that contain a special token that authenticates that user

You can choose to use either or both of these features.

In general, personal links result in a better experience for attendees. They can be sent out in invitation and confirmation emails, allowing attendees to register or amend with a single click and without having to remember a password.

Passwords may be useful when:

  • Invitations are not being used, for instance when there are many choices of event and you do not want to bombard potential attendees with invitation emails

  • Your registration process is hosted in an iframe and you are not able to handle personal links in your iframe code

Both passwords and personal links can be used for all event participants, including:

  • Attendees

  • Abstract submitters

  • Abstract reviewers

  • Award submitters

  • Award judges

How does an attendee set a password for their account?

To allow an attendee to set a password for their account, add the "Password" question as part of the registration process for your event. You can make this question optional or mandatory. If the question is optional and the user does not complete it, no password will be set for them and they will not be able to log in with a password.

This question is not added by default to new events as we feel that personal links give a better experience.

How can an attendee change their password?

Attendees can change their password in two ways:

  • Amending their registration and choosing a new password as part of the amendment process

  • Using a "password reset" link that has been sent to them by email

If an attendee has forgotten their password, they can click the "Request login details" link on the login page. This will send them the "Request Login Details" email, which should be configured to include a "password reset" link. The email could also include a personal registration link so they can register without having to set or change their password.

Event admin users can change an attendee password by clicking "Reset Password..." on the "Person Details" page. This page can be accessed from any list of people in Eventsforce.

How can I see an attendee password?

As an event admin, you should not need to see any attendee password. 

Event admins can reset passwords using the "Reset Password..." on the "Person Details" page. To log into an event as if you were that person (example: to troubleshoot or test the registration process), use the "Event Links" on the "Person Details" page.

I get a warning about {{COD:PASSWORD}} email tags, what should I do?

This email tag is no longer in use. You will need to replace this tag with a personal link, using this table as a guide:

Still unclear? Contact Eventsforce support with any questions!

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