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How to set up custom event fields
How to set up custom event fields

Learn how custom event fields can be used in your event and emails.

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Custom event fields are additional event fields that can be added to the 'Event Properties' page and store custom event information. If they are critical to the event set up, they can be made mandatory. Custom event fields can be used for reporting, or for merging the shared content into emails.

Creating a custom event field

Custom Event Fields are set up at account level by a user who has access to the "System Settings" menu (cogs icon):

  1. Go to System settings (cog icon) > Database > Custom Event Fields

  2. Click "Add"

  3. Enter a name for your prompt

  4. Decide how you will be capturing the data from the "Prompt Type" drop down

  5. Select "Mandatory" if the setting is critical to your event set up

  6. Click "Save"

  7. Your event prompt will appear at the bottom of the list

  8. Select the "Active" check box to enable your custom event field

Your custom event field will now appear in the 'Custom Event Fields' panel on the Setup > Event > Properties page.

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