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How to add email tags

Populate registrant data into emails using email tags.

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When building an email in Eventsforce, you have the option of populating the email with a person's registration data using email tags (or merge tags).  By using tags, you can automatically personalize each email using attendee data entered during the registration process.

Adding email tags

  1. Go to Communications and select the type of email (Invitation, Automatic, or Ad Hoc)

  2. Click "Edit" next to the email template

  3. Locate the 'Tag List' section on the left hand side and add tags by single-clicking the tags (the tag will be added where your cursor is placed)

  4. Edit the rest of the email using the text editor

  5. Once editing is complete, we strongly recommend you test the email by clicking the "Test" button

  6. Once you confirm the template is acceptable, click "Save"

Note:  You must have at least one registration in the event in order to send a test (to allow email tags to generate content). If testing the invitation email, you must have at least one invitee on your invitation list.

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