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How to change your website template
How to change your website template

Learn how to change the template used for your event.

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Selecting a template for your website is a key part of your website appearance and configuration. While Eventsforce offers various website templates, we recommend using the "Responsive Standard Design" template. 

The "Responsive Standard Design" template will ensure your website is optimized for best display as the website size will automatically adjust to the viewing device (laptop, tablet, mobile). 

If you've purchased a custom website template from Eventsforce, you will have a "Custom Templates" button to select and view the templates.

Choosing a website template

  1. Go to Website > Design > Template

  2. Select the "Responsive Standard Design" templates

  3. Select a 'Template Layout Option'

  4. Click "Use this Template"

Note: If you are planning to use CSS to customize the website or agenda display, you must use the "Responsive Standard Design" template. 

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