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How to create a branded attendee list
How to create a branded attendee list

Learn how badges and documents can be used to build a list of attendees.

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You may need to generate a branded attendee list quickly, especially if there have been last minute changes to your event. Rather than exporting a list and then repurposing the content in another application, you can generate an updated list in Eventsforce.

Configuring the layout definition

First, create a badge in your event. Use the below settings to configure your layout definition:

  1. Create a new layout definition that has the following settings:

  2. Orientation: "Portrait"

  3. Paper Size: "A4" 

  4. Left margin of paper: "10mm"

  5. Top margin of paper: "42mm"

  6. Number of labels across the page: "1"

  7. Number of labels down the page: "35"

  8. Horizontal Pitch: "190mm"

  9. Vertical Pitch: "7mm"

  10. Height of one label: "7mm"

  11. Width of one label: "190mm"

  12. Click "Save"

  13. Click "Back"

Adding the badge content

  1. Click to "Edit" the 'Content Description'

  2. Enter a name for the 'Content Description'

  3. Click "Add Text"

  4. Delete the word "Text"

  5. Choose "Fullname" from the 'Or select from list' dropdown

  6. Use the following values to size and position the text box

  7. X position: "0mm"

  8. Y position: "0mm"

  9. Width of text area: "60mm"

  10. Height of text area: "7mm"

  11. Alignment: "Left"

  12. Select the "border" checkbox

  13. Enter a fill color of "255, 255, 255"

  14. Click "Save"

  15. Add text boxes for "Job Title" and "Company" but make the "Company" text box "70mm" wide

Adding badge content (cont'd)

  1. Click "Save"

  2. Click "Back"

  3. Click to "Edit" the 'Header Description'

  4. Add text elements for "Name", "Position" and "Company"

  5. Add a logo image

  6. Preview your document


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