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How to add a payment details page
How to add a payment details page

Learn how to add a payment details page to collect payment information and separate invoice details.

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A payment details page can be added after a payment method is selected in order to collect additional payment information from the registration contact. This might be a purchase order number, invoice address, or any related information.  The registration contact can be prompted to answer these additional questions after they have selected their payment method and completed the registration process.

To begin, you will first need to ensure that pricing is enabled for the event by going to Setup > Event > Properties and setting the 'Cost' option to 'Paid'.  

Once the changes are saved, you can follow the steps below to add a payment details page along with additional questions.  You can also follow the video below these instructions for a step-by-step visual guide.

Add a payment details page

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Payment Methods

  2. Enable the desired payment methods by selecting the checkbox to the left

  3. Click "Save"

  4. Select the checkbox 'Show payment details page' for the selected payment method

  5. Click "Save"

  6. Click "Edit" next to 'Show payment details page' to open the page where text and registration questions can be added

Note: Registration questions on the payment details page will need to be database names beginning with "Invoice details". More information can be found in the video below.


  • The information from the Payment Details page can be searched for and reported on like any other data that has been captured for the registration contact.

  • If questions are added to the page that will cause the total price to change in the basket, the event admin will be alerted during the set up of the page as this may not be desired.

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