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How to design an Eventsforce Kiosk badge
How to design an Eventsforce Kiosk badge

Learn how to design badges to be used with the Eventsforce Kiosk.

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The Eventsforce Kiosk product allows for badges to be created in Eventsforce which can then be printed on-site as attendees check-in. Badges can contain attendee data, text, as well as a QR code. 

There are three badge sizes that can be used with Eventsforce Kiosk:

  • 100mm x 100mm badge (4” x 4”)

  • 102mm x 152mm badge (4” x 6”)

  • 102mm x 76mm badge (4" x 3")

This article will cover the following:

Badge Specifications (100mm x 100mm; 4" x 4" badge)

  • One badge allowed per event 

  • Fixed badge size (100mm x 100mm, 4" x 4")

  • Text size options: S, M, L

  • Fixed row heights

Badge Specifications (102mm x 152mm; 4" x 6" badge)

  • One badge allowed per event

  • Fixed badge size (102mm x 152mm, 4" x 6")

  • Text size options: S, M, L

  • Fixed row heights

Badge Specifications (102mm x 76mm; 4" x 3" badge)

  • One badge allowed per event

  • Fixed badge size (102mm x 76mm; 4" x 3")

  • Text size options: S, M, L

  • Fixed row heights

Badge contents

The Eventsforce Kiosk badge can display up to five rows of content, in addition to an optional QR code. Each event allows for a single Eventsforce Kiosk badge to be designed, therefore, the same badge will be used for all attendees. 

The badge can include three types of content:

  • Data = predefined list of event and attendee data, or “Other” custom attendee data

  • Text = custom text added by event manager

  • QR Code = optional QR code with fixed position 

QR Code

The Eventsforce Kiosk badge allows for a QR code to be displayed. Select "Yes" for 'Include QR code' to display the QR code between the 4th and 5th rows of badge content. Select "No" to hide the QR code from your badge.

The QR code will contain the following information:

  • 6 (six) digit ticket number (alphanumeric)

Designing a badge

Event planners can choose what content (if any) goes on each of the available rows on the badge. Steps for designing your badge:

  1. Go to Setup > On-Site > Badge Design

  2. Use the first dropdown box to choose the type of content (leave blank for no content)

  3. If “Data” is selected, choose from the list of standard options or “Other…” to add custom attendee data

  4. If “Text” is selected, enter the text to be displayed

  5. Choose the size of your content

  6. Repeat steps for rows 2-5 on the badge

Adding custom attendee information

You may want to display custom attendee data that is not available in the pre-defined list of options. For example, if you’ve replaced the “Company” question with your own “Organization” question. You can still display custom attendee information using the “Other” option in the dropdown list. 

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Badge Design

  2. Select “Data” in the first dropdown for the content row

  3. Select “Other” in the second dropdown for the content row

  4. Select the ‘Other Database Item’ to display

  5. Click “Save”

Note: When adding “Other...” data values to your badge, the ‘Preview’ area will not show an example value for the question selected. By default, the name of the question will be shown on the badge preview. The “Other…” option only shows questions on registration pages that are using the text, dropdown, or radio button formats. Items already in the data list (example: First name) will be excluded.

Badge preview

As you design the badge, the 'Preview' panel on the right hand side will update in real time. This provides you with an example of what your badge will look like. 

Use the "Download" button to generate a PDF version of your badge as it currently exists.

Note: This is a 1:1 scale version. If printed, the size should be 100mm x 100mm. PDF generates on A4 sized paper.

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