As attendees begin checking in on-site, they may encounter an error message upon scanning their QR code or manually selecting their registration. We have a number of reasons why an error message may appear.

What could cause an error message?

A generic error message is used as a way of getting attendees out of the queue where their issues can be dealt with by an event manager. 

The generic error message could appear for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A badge has already been printed for the person (does not apply to admin reprints)

  • QR code is not valid for the event, or not recognized

  • Payment status of the attendee is “unpaid” or “partly paid” and you are only allowing fully “paid” attendees to check-in

  • Invalid unique check-in code (applies to “Check-in code” lookup mode only)

Why is the “Start” button not active?

It’s possible a printer has not been selected, or the data has not completed the initial sync. Select a printer at the top of the ‘Admin Screen’ if you have not done so already. You may also need to allow more time for the initial sync to take place (usually a matter of seconds).

Why is the sync taking a long time?

If the badge design has changed within 7 days of the event, then the kiosk needs to download each badge individually. If possible, we recommend to try and avoid making changes to your kiosk badge with the 7 days leading up to your event. If changes are made, we recommend syncing the devices on a fast internet connect before arriving on-site. This can take several minutes depending on the number of attendees.

Why can’t new attendees print their badge?

The sync between Eventsforce and the Eventsforce Kiosk happens every 60 seconds. New registrations take just over a minute to be synchronized with the app. We recommend waiting a minute or two and then attempt to scan the QR code again to print the badge.

Why does the printer use a lot of badges when powered on?

This is standard calibration to make sure the printer knows where each label starts and finishes. There are two calibration modes on the printer; short and long. A way to avoid the long is to power up the printer without badge stock in the device. Then, when un-paused, it will do a short calibration which uses 2-3 badges.

Why is my printer not listed in the app?

This may be because the device and printer are not on the same WIFI network. The device running Eventsforce Kiosk needs to be on the same WIFI network as the printer. Verify the device and printer are on the same WIFI network.

Why is a box appearing on my test badge?

There is a box 1mm inside the badge edge on the test badge. This can be used to help calibrate the printer. This is expected behavior and will not occur when printing badges on-site for attendees.

Why is the overprinting on the badge is very light?

There is a setting on the printer which can adjust the darkness of the printing. Adjust the settings accordingly and test further to ensure proper display. Generally a darkness of 20+ is about right. If you are unsure, please contact ITR for further assistance.

Why is there a delay when I print?

This can be caused by the printer being idle for a long period (10+ minutes). Allow the printer time to heat back up. The delay will stop once the printer heats back up.

Why is my attendee not showing as “Attended” in Eventsforce?

The person may have been scanned but the update to Eventsforce is still pending.  The attendance sync from Eventsforce Kiosk is done every 60 seconds. Another reason might be that you are not allowing the Eventsforce Kiosk to mark people as attended in the kiosk settings (Setup > On-site > Kiosk Settings).

What happens if I reset all the app data?

It will delete all the data, but if there are pending updates to Eventsforce (attendance and badge printing) it will warn you. This is usually because the internet connection to the app has been cut before the sync has completed.

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