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Attendee check-in with QR code in Eventsforce Attendance app
Attendee check-in with QR code in Eventsforce Attendance app

Learn how attendees can check-in to your event using a QR code.

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The Eventsforce Attendance app allows attendees to check in by scanning a QR code. The QR code must be emailed to the attendee before going on-site.

Adding the check-in QR code

By default, all attendees can check in to your event using a 'check-in QR code' by scanning the code at the Eventsforce Kiosk or in the Eventsforce Attendance app. You can add this QR code to an email by completing the below steps:

  1. While editing your email template, place your cursor where you want the QR code to appear in the email

  2. Using the 'Tag list' on the left, locate and select 'Check-in QR Code' in the 'Registration data tags' section

  3. Click 'Save'

Attendee check-in with the QR code

Attendees can be checked into days or sessions by scanning the QR code. Within the Eventsforce Attendance app, the event manager must select a specific day or session to check attendees into.

Once a day or session has been selected, the event manager can tap 'Scan' in the top right corner of the menu. This will enable the camera (scanner) to display the chosen day or session name.

Once the attendee QR code is scanned, the attendee will be marked as "Attended" for that day/session.ย 

Note: An error message displays if the attendee is not registered for the day or session. Read โ€˜How to record attendance for walk-ins with the Eventsforce Attendance appโ€™ for more information.

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