What is a walk-in?

Within Eventsforce, a “walk-in” is a person who wants to attend a day or session at your event but has not booked that day or session as part of their registration. Event managers can still allow the person to attend the day or session and mark them as attended. 

The person will not have their registration updated to include that day or session they are marked as “Attended” for. They will have a “Walk-in” label assigned to them for identification.  

Recording attendance for walk-ins

Recording attendance for walk-ins must be done from the “Days” or “Sessions” view in the EF Attendance app. When viewing attendees by day or sessions, walk-ins will not have a label assigned to them (such as “Expected” or “Attended”) until checked-in. 

When using the “scan” method to mark a walk-in as attended, a yellow overlay will appear indicating the person is a walk-in. The event manager will be asked to confirm whether to “Allow this walk-in?”.

When using the “swipe” method to mark a walk-in as attended, the event manager must “confirm” the action. 

Creating a new registration

If someone has not registered for an event but they have arrived to attend, you can register a new attendee by selecting the '+' icon. Your website homepage will open in your phone's web browser.

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