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Invoice generation and delivery
Invoice generation and delivery

A reference guide to event invoices.

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When configuring a paid event in Eventsforce, you have the option of using invoices to help with the management of your event payments. Invoices can be provided to attendees in a variety of ways, and can be customized for each event.

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Invoice generation

An invoice is a snapshot of the purchasable items for a registration at the time the registration is created. Invoices are first created for a registration where the amount due is greater than zero. 

A new invoice will be created whenever the total cost of a registration changes. At the same time, a credit note is created to cancel out the previous invoice. A credit note is an invoice for a negative amount. Eventsforce uses credit notes to cancel out previous invoices when new invoices are created by changes to a registration, each credit note is related to exactly one invoice. 

Each invoice has an invoice number - this is unique across all events in an account. Example invoice below:

Invoice delivery methods

Invoices can be provided to attendees using one of three methods:

  • Batch Printing = Event manager prints invoices manually in batches and provides to attendees. Event manager must take the steps to generate the invoices in Eventsforce then provide to attendees.

  • Batch Emails = Event manager emails invoices to attendees in batches. Event manager must take the steps to send the invoice email from Eventsforce.

  • Automatic Emails = Invoice is attached is to the new registration confirmation that is sent automatically. No additional setup needed from event manager.

You can change the invoice delivery method for your event by taking the below steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Settings

  2. Choose an ‘Invoice Delivery Method’ at the bottom of the page

  3. Click “Save”

Note: Depending on which invoice delivery method is chosen, the “Invoice Run” page will show different options. For example, if using “Batch emails”, the “Invoice Run” page will have an “Invoice Email” which can be edited.

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