Event managers may want to assign an abstract number to each abstract that is different from the system given ‘Abstract ID’. By default, each submitted abstract is assigned an ‘Abstract ID’. The abstract ID applies across all events in your account. This means abstract ID #1 may exist in one event, while abstract ID #2 exists in another. 

Editing the submission numbers can provide a unique reference for conference attendees to find a specific abstract within the program. This also helps the authors easily find the abstract content in any abstract book, or online abstract library. The abstract number is also used to cross reference ‘authors’ to abstracts in an ‘authors index’.

This article focuses on the “Automatically number submissions” feature which allows abstract numbers to be assigned in bulk. Event managers can always edit an individual abstract submission and assign an abstract number. 

Automatically number abstracts

Event managers can assign an “Abstract number” (separate from ‘Abstract ID’) that is unique to one event. There are a few options when customizing the abstract numbering. You can locate these options by taking the steps below:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Setup > Settings
  2. In the 'Submissions' section, select the checkbox to “Automatically number submissions”
  3. Select the “Edit Numbering…” button
  4. Select a ‘Numbering format’ from the dropdown box
  5. Click "Save"

Note: If you select “Custom” as the numbering format, you will be shown three potential tags you can use help customize your abstract numbering. 

Abstract number tags

There are a few tags available to event managers to help them customize the abstract numbers. These tags include:

  • {{AbstractID}} - the abstract ID
  • {{SessionCode}} - the code for the session the abstract is in
  • {{SessionOrder}} - the position of that abstract in the session running order

Tip: Add "#n" to the tag to pad the numbers to "n" digits (for example: if {{SessionOrder}} generates an abstract number of "6", {{SessionOrder#3}} will output "006"). This can be used to keep all abstract numbers the same number of digits. 

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