When using an abstract event and displaying sessions on your website agenda, it’s possible to have multiple abstracts linked to a single session

In these instances you may want to assign a session running order for the abstracts, allowing attendees to see when each abstract is being presented within the session. Event managers can assign durations to each abstract along with an introductory period. 

Before adjusting the session running order, you must have already linked abstracts to sessions

Assigning a session running order

Once abstracts have been linked to a session, adjust the session running order by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Management > Submissions
  2. Click the 'Tools' dropdown and select “Session running order…”
  3. In the 'Change Session' panel, select the sessions from the dropdown
  4. Click "Save"

Note: You will receive a notice at the bottom of the ‘Session running order’ screen indicating when the last presentation is scheduled to end relative to the session end time. The note is highlighted in red when the last presentation exceeds the allotted session time.

Website agenda display

Once abstracts published on your website, the abstract presentation times and order assigned will be shown:

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