Before abstract reviewers can be invited, you must first add abstract reviewers to your event, then assign reviewers to topics or abstracts.

Note: If reviewers are not assigned to any topics or abstracts, they will see the following error upon logging in: “You have not been assigned any abstracts to review for this event”. Assign reviewers to abstract topics or abstracts to prevent this error.

Editing the reviewer invitation email

Event managers may want to customize the reviewer invitation email prior to sending. By default, the email contains the necessary links for reviewers to login. Take the steps below to edit the reviewer invitation email:

  1. Go to Communications > Automatic
  2. Click to ‘Edit’ the “Email to the Reviewers” 
  3. Update the email as needed
  4. Click “Save” 

Inviting all abstract reviewers

Make sure your reviewers have been assigned to abstracts before sending the invite. A quick way to check this is by going to Abstracts > Setup > Reviewers, and ensuring each reviewer has at least “1” abstract to review. When ready, take the steps below to send the reviewer invitation:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Setup > Reviewers
  2. Click the "Send Email" button in the bottom right
  3. Select "OK" to confirm
  4. A prompt will appear saying how many emails were sent, click “OK” 

Note: You can invite an individual reviewer by searching for a reviewer by ‘Company’ or ‘Last Name’ prior to clicking “Send Email”. You will only email the judges shown after searching. Alternatively, you can send the invitation via an ad hoc email to one or multiple judges.

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