Before explaining how to edit abstract pages, we’ll provide a brief overview of the pages in your abstract submission process. The Eventsforce abstract submission process involves the following pages (in order):

  1. Abstract Submission Login
  2. Abstract Submitter Details 
  3. Abstract Submission Topics
  4. Abstract Submission Details
  5. Abstract Submission Content (if text submission is allowed)
  6. Abstract Submission Preview
  7. Abstract Submitted

Each of the above pages can be accessed and edited by an event manager. For all pages except “Abstract Submitter Details” and “Abstract Submission Details”, you are limited to customizing headings and adding text blocks. 

Custom submitter questions can be added to the “Abstract Submitter Details” page. Questions can be added to collect more information about the abstract submitter. 

Custom abstract questions and co-author questions can be added to the “Abstract Submission Details” page. These questions can also be displayed to reviewers by enabling the “Show to reviewers” option within the question details. 

There are also pages that appear to reviewers, as well as abstract search pages:

  • Abstract Reviewer Login
  • Abstract Reviews
  • Abstracts Search
  • Abstract Search Results

Editing abstract submission pages

All abstract pages can be accessed from the ‘Website Pages’ area. Follow the steps below to access abstract pages in edit mode:

  1. Go to Website > Content > Website Pages
  2. Use the dropdown in the top left and locate the ‘Abstract Management’ pages
  3. Select the page you want to view and edit
  4. Use the “Add here” or ‘Edit’ options on the page to make changes
  5. Click “Back to menu…” when done
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