In an effort to create safer and more innovative European online payments, the council of the European Commission administered PSD2 (Second Payment Services Directive) which comes into full effect on 14 September 2019. 

One of the mandates of PSD2 is “Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)” which focuses on improving the security of payments by requiring two factor authentication for online payments. 

How does this impact my events and attendees?

The new EU card payment rules mean that attendee payments will require additional authentication. It is likely that this will affect most of our client’s attendees who are located within the EU. This extra step is designed to further protect attendees and their payments.

With the exception of the payment gateway “Stripe”, the handling of the two-factor authentication is managed in the hosted gateway pages after the card details have been entered. The nature of the authentication is dictated by the card issuer and cannot be bypassed.

What changes do I need to make?

Eventsforce has taken the necessary steps to ensure all our integrated payment gateways will handle this (with the exception of Stripe). If you use one of these gateways, no action is required within your Eventsforce account. We suggest contacting your payment gateway provider to ensure no changes are needed in your payment gateway. 

If you are using Stripe as your payment gateway, we would strongly recommend switching to the new version of Stripe called “Stripe SCA”. We’ve made this new version of Stripe available to all clients currently using Stripe. Click here to learn how to use Stripe SCA.

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