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How to use reminder emails

Learn how automatic and invitation reminder emails can be used in Eventsforce.

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Reminder emails can be used to remind invitees to register or remind registered attendees about the upcoming event. Eventsforce offers two types of reminder emails that can be sent from your event:

  • Automatic reminder emails - sent automatically to registered attendees a specified number of days before the event

  • Invitation reminder email - sent by an event manager to invitees reminding them to register or decline

Note: When using attendee categories, event managers can configure separate reminder emails (both automatic and invitation) for each attendee category. 

Invitation reminder 

The invitation reminder email can be triggered to send by an event manager. Generally this is done after the initial invitation email has been sent. The invitation reminder email will contain content by default, but can be customized on the ‘Invitations’ page:

  1. Go to Communications > Invitations

  2. Click to ‘Edit’ the “Reminder Email”

  3. Update the email content as needed and use the “Test” button in the top left

  4. Click “Save” when done

The invitation reminder email will only send to invitees who have not yet accepted or declined the invitation to register. Once the email has been tested, an event manager can send by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Communications > Invitations

  2. Select the “Remind” button at the bottom of the page to send the reminder email

  3. View the email content on the confirmation page

  4. Select “Send” to send the reminder email immediately OR select “Send Later…” to schedule the email to send at a later date (view our “How to schedule an email” article for more information)

Automatic reminder

The automatic reminder email can send to all registered attendees automatically “x” number of days prior to the event. You may choose to have multiple automatic reminders to provide useful information such as details about check-in process, location and travel details, etc. The automatic reminders are blank by default, but can be edited and activate by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Communications > Automatic

  2. In the ‘Attendee emails’ section, click “Edit” for the “Reminder email”

  3. Enter a ‘Description’ and ‘Subject’ for the email template and add the content needed using tags from the left hand side

  4. Click “Save”

  5. Check the ‘Active’ box to activate the reminder email

  6. Enter a sender email address into the “Email from” field

  7. Click “Save”

  8. Enter the number of days in the “Send “x” days before” (determine when the email will send)

  9. Click “Save”

Note: If using multiple attendee categories, make sure the reminder email is configured for each category and active. If using the same email content, you may want to link the emails together. 

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