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How to view email history and resend emails
How to view email history and resend emails

Learn how to find all sent emails and resend.

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When emails are sent through Eventsforce, the communications are logged, providing a history of all emails that have been sent. The email history provides the ability for an event manager to view the emails that are being sent along with additional information that includes:

  • Date/time an email was sent

  • If an email contains a PDF attachment

  • Status of an email

  • If an email has been opened

The email history can be viewed for the entire event, entire account, or for a particular attendee.  When viewing email logs for an event or account, filtering options are available that will help narrow down the list of emails. When viewing the email history for an attendee, filtering options are not available as the logs will likely not be as long.  However, viewing the email along with the information listed above will still be available.

Note: The “opened” status is not 100% accurate as not all email clients provide this ‘read receipt’ back to Eventsforce. It’s possible an email was opened but would not show as “Opened” in Eventsforce.

View email history for entire event or account

Email communications for an event or entire account can be viewed within the communications “History” page. By default, the email list is specific to the selected event. Use the “Show Emails from all Events” check box to show emails from the entire account. Once a search is completed, the data can be exported into a spreadsheet if needed.

To view the communications history for an event:

  1. Go to Communications > History

  2. By default, the most recently sent emails will populate at the top of the list

  3. (Optional) Filter the list of emails based on email sender, recipient, or date

  4. Click “Search”

  5. Select an email to view the email content

  6. Click the “Export Data” button to export to excel

View email history for an attendee

To view a list of emails sent to a particular attendee, take the following steps:

  1. Go to People > Registrations

  2. Click the ‘Person’ icon to the right of the registration

  3. Click “Comms Log”

  4. Click the “View” link to view the details of an email

Resending emails

Emails sent from the Eventsforce server will be marked with the ‘Sent’ status within the communications history.  However, there will be times when an attendee does not receive the email.  While this could be due to many different reasons, an event manager may need to resend the email to the attendee.

When viewing the email history or individual’s comms log, there is an option to resend the email by clicking “Resend”. While this method will work, it resends the identical email that was initially sent. Therefore, the best process for resending an email is by sending via ad hoc email. This will ensure that the latest version of the email is sent.

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