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How to charge fees for award entries
How to charge fees for award entries

Learn how to add prices for award entries.

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Within an awards event, event managers can choose to charge award submitters for each entry they submit. Prices can be set up and applied to award categories, allowing different prices to be charged per category. 

For more information about setting up discounts for awards events, please read our article “How to set up discounts for award entries”. 

Adding a fee (or price) for award entries

The first step to charging for award entries is to create prices in the event. Award prices can be added in two ways; creating a price descriptor as a ‘general price’, or adding a basic price against an award category. 

Using a price descriptor allows for price increases based on award submission date (example: early bird, late rates) as well as a custom invoice line item description.  A basic price can be used if the price never changes.

Follow the steps below to assign a price descriptor to your awards category:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Prices

  2. Create a price that applies to “General price” and add the rate required, repeat this step until all prices have been created

  3. Go to Awards > Setup > Categories

  4. Click on a category name 

  5. In the ‘Price and discount’ area, choose “Price desc.”

  6. Select the price from the dropdown

  7. Click “Save”

  8. Repeat steps 4-7 until prices have been assigned to all categories that should have a fee

Note: If using a basic price, select “Basic price” in step #5 above and enter the rate.

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