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Award judge review process
Award judge review process

Learn more about the review process for award judges.

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Awards events in Eventsforce allow for award judges to review submitted award entries and provide grades and comments. Once award entries have been submitted, event managers can add and invite award judges to begin the review process. 

Award judge review pages

When award judges login to the event to grade/review award entries, they will be taken through the following pages:

  • Award Judge Login page (if personal link is not used)

  • Judging Summary page - displays award entries the judge is able to review

  • Review Entry page - displays award entry details entered by submitter

  • Scores by Category page (optional) - displays reviewer’s completed scores by topic

Note: The information shown to award judges will depend on the award judging settings configured in the event. For example, event managers can prevent judges from seeing submitter contact details, uploaded files, or completed reviews from other judges.

Grading/reviewing an award entry

When award judges login and reach the “Judging Summary Page”, they will have a list of awards available to review/grade. Judges can filter the awards by category if they’ve been given access to more than one award category. To begin a review, the judge must click “Review” on the right hand side. Only one review can be completed at a time.

Depending on the judging settings in the event, the judge may see the following:

  • Score for each criteria

  • Comment for each criteria

  • Overall score for each entry

  • Overall comment for each entry

Note: Event managers may choose to collect a score and comment per criteria as well as an overall score and comment.

Review Entry page examples

An example of a ‘Review Entry page’ with a score and comment for each criteria, no overall score or comment: 

An example of a ‘Review Entry page’ with an overall score and comment only:

An example of a ‘Review Entry page’ with a score and comment per criteria and an overall score and comment for the entry:

Logging in as an award judge

Event managers have the ability to login as an award judge by using an impersonation link. The impersonation links imitate what a judge would experience when clicking the “personal awards judge link”. To access the impersonation links and login as a judge, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Awards > Management > Judges

  2. Adjust the filters to locate the judge in question

  3. Click the “i” icon 

  4. In the ‘Event Links’ section, select the “Award judging” link

Note: The impersonation links can also be accessed from a ‘Quick search’, as well as any area where the black “i” icon is shown, allowing access to the personal details page.

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