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How to access the personal details page for an attendee
How to access the personal details page for an attendee

Learn how to reach the personal details page for someone in Eventsforce.

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Every person that is added to Eventsforce will have a "personal details" page created for them along with a "person ID". Generally, this person ID is tied to the user's unique email address. 

There are various ways to access the "personal details" page for a user. Two commonly used methods are running a search and through the "Registrations" page. 

Accessing the 'Personal details' page through a search

This method is best used if the person has not yet registered for an event, but exists in Eventsforce through an imported list or as an abstract/award submitter.

  1. Go to Reports > Quick Search

  2. Enter the email address of the person

  3. Check "Search all events"

  4. Click "Search"

  5. Click the "i" icon the left of the person

Accessing the 'Personal details' page from the registration list

This method is best used when the person has already registered for an event.

  1. Go to People > Registrations within the event this person exists in

  2. Click the "person" icon to the right of the attendee's row OR select the record, then choose "Edit person..." from the tools drop-down

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